Believe it. Achieve it.

Question: How many people work in your practice?

Answer: Just me, for now.

Question: Then why does your website and postings say “we”? Who’s the we?

I find myself having this conversation with clients, colleagues, family, and friends very often. When I was establishing my private practice I had a vision of this one-woman show becoming a one stop shop for holistic healing. I wanted to include all things wellness such as therapy, reiki, yoga, and nutrition. I knew that I wanted to build my business slowly, starting with myself and eventually adding staff from different healing practices. So when it came time to build my website and began marketing on social media I chose to speak my dreams into existence. Trusting and believing that one day my words and how I speak about my business would manifest in due time. The law of attraction teaches us that our words have power. Knowing this to be true through personal experiences and countless testimonies from others practicing this art of thinking. I made a commitment to speak of my business in the manner that I want it to be, that I envision it being. I have also decided to carry this principle out in the way I provide counseling. Many of the homework assignments I give to clients encourages them to address negative self talk and have a positive outlook on their life. Homework assignments sometimes include journaling, creating vision boards, and daily intention setting. Many of my clients have shared positive shifts in their lives since practicing speaking things into existence. Not initially realizing that a lot of the negative things in their life has manifested from the way they think and speak.

So if you have been one of those inquiring minds wondering who the “we" is, now you know!

What are some methods you use to bring your dreams into fruition? Are you a believer of speaking your goals into existence? Do you have a testimony of a positive manifestation? Share below!