Burnout Is Real!

You’ve heard the term but have you ever experienced it? The feeling of being “BURNTOUT”? The feeling of being pushed beyond your limit can creep up on you very fast if your not careful enough. In my blog titled “Selfish or Nah” I described my top five benefits of engaging in self care and I dug in on it’s importance. I hope you were able to take the benefits I shared and applied them to your life.

I find that if I don’t hold myself accountable I tend to fall off the self care band wagon real quick. Which is why this weekend I decided to scale back and practice what I preach! This weekend I indulged in some much needed self care time to avoid this dreaded, yet real experience. I must say, it was hard at first. I had to schedule the time to step away from my therapy and energy healing practice, find a baby sitter, decide where I wanted to go, pay for where I wanted to go (you know I like to save a coin), and drive to this place. But, let me tell you! Once there, I committed to turning off my cell phone and being fully present in each moment that was presented to me. I didn’t worry about anything from the past or future, I was intentionally mindful for an entire weekend. I know some of you are thinking, “An entire weekend without my cell phone, girl bye!”. Trust me, it was a powerful experience that forced me to connect with myself. It was a mini retreat that allowed me to restore my mind and energy to do the work I love as a therapist and Reiki practitioner and to be the wife, mother, daughter, sister, and granddaughter I want to be. Without this break, I felt my energy depleting by the day. Low moods setting in and a bad attitude creeping up from behind. I had to check myself, and quick or I was going to BURNOUT! As a clinician, I can sometimes neglect myself in my pursuit to caring for others. It was time for me to scale back, unplug, and connect with self.

I imagine I am not alone in this race in the opposite direction of BURNOUT. So tell me, have you ever took some time to unplug. Maybe turned your cell phone off for a day or more. Or maybe even went on a fasting period from social media? I want to hear about your experience and the joy you felt to focus in more on you.