My Therapist Smokes Weed?

Are you a therapist who smokes weed? I'm sure there are plenty of you out there who are hesitant to admit. I wish this was a blog that could help you come out of your hazy shell, but it's not. I often get asked by my clients if I engage in this ancient ritual. To their surprise the answer is NO. Never have and don't plan on it. But, to each their own. "Then what is that fat blunt you have on your desk?". If you have ever been to my office you may have asked yourself that same question. That “fat blunt” is part of another ancient ritual, one I do daily. It's called SAGE and is used to smudge my sacred places (office, house, car, even my body and my family members body as well). Burning sage or smudging is an ancient Native American (many other cultures also burn sage) ritual and is used to clear out a space of negative energy, bring wisdom, clarity and increasing spiritual awareness. I personally set the intention for smudging to clear out any negative/unwanted energy in a particular space or around me. With being a therapist you can imagine the many different types of energy that enters my office on a daily basis. I find it very important to clear my office of any unwanted energy that could have been left from a client to ensure my space remains pure as possible.

Here is a list of other ways I use sage.

  • Smudging myself after a day of seeing clients or being around a lot of people.

  • Smudging my house after having house guest.

  • Smudging my car after traveling with passengers.

  • Smudging my daughter after she has been around a lot of people (family reunion, sitter, park, etc.).

  • Smudging my husband when he returns home from work.

Utilizing sage in sacred places is not just beneficial to therapist, but also for clients who often come to therapy due to symptoms being triggered by toxic environments (work, home, school). Using sage can be beneficial to anyone looking to purify their space/surroundings. So while this therapist does not pass the dutchie on the left hand side, I hope me passing you this information will help you clear out your space (or yourself even) of unwanted energy.

My favorite sage to burn is

In times where I can not burn I like to use this sage spray


Do you use sage? Share the ways in which you use it and tell us about its benefits you’ve encountered. Is there another way you cleanse your scared spaces? We want to hear those too!