Selfish or Nah?

Do you find yourself ripping and running the streets? Getting little to no sleep? Taking care of everyone and everything around you, focusing on yourself last? Yes, I know we can all agree that we have fallen victim to self neglect at some point in time. I know for me being a wife, mother, and entrepreneur it is in my nature to take care of others first. When does the me time come in? There is just not enough time in the day to do for myself at times. I don’t want to be seen as selfish when I declare I need a moment alone. I desire time to just cater to myself and shut everyone else off. Family, friends, and clients included! My body always reminds me when I need to slow down and have some me time and I always listen. As the year comes to an end I feel my body crying out for a much needed break and some scheduled self-care. We often forget about the true benefit of taking time to replenish ourselves and can often use a reminder.

Below are my top five benefits of engaging in self care.

  1. Allows me to decompress and de-stress.

  2. Increases my self-esteem when I get to have some pampering time.

  3. I’m able to give more to others when my tank is full.

  4. I feel more productive when my mind is clear and organized.

  5. Wards off illnesses. When I am overwhelmed I often get headaches and notice a change in my appetite. Self-care serves as a detox to my stress.  

Often when we hear self-care we think we have to plan an extravagant vacation or that we have to set a large amount of time aside. Though a week vacation near a beach would be nice and is a form of self care, don’t forget the simple things in life. Take yourself out for a meal, go for a walk, read a book in peace, take a long bath, or create something meaningful to you.

So, what do you think? Is it selfish or nah to want to spend some time alone, caring for nothing or no one but yourself? What are some ways you engage in self-care? Share below!