8 Dimensions of Wellness

Last week I posted a video on you Youtube about the importance of caring for your entire self. To view the video check out this link: https://youtu.be/HNsr4ub1aSs

I want to continue the conversation here because I frequently have talks with clients about the benefits of checking in with their whole self. While many only take a few of the dimensions listed below seriously, it is important that we give each dimension adequate attention and make adjustments where needed.

8 Dimensions of Wellness

Emotional: How are you dealing with life and are you creating and sustaining satisfying relationships. It’s one thing to have relationships but are they satisfying?

Environmental: Are the environments you occupy safe and supportive? Analyze the vibes of the places you occupy. What’s the energy and conditions of those places?

Financial: Are you satisfied with your current financial situation? Finances are the biggest cause of stress and stress leads to a host of illness.

Intellectual: Are you engaged in things that will expand your knowledge and skills? It’s important that we not allow ourselves to become mentally stagnant and that we are constantly challenging our mind. Reading, picking up a new hobby, engaging in a current hobby, or taking a class.

Occupational: Do you have a job? Do you like your job? Do you find your job enriching? Most of us spend majority of our time at work so it’s important that we engage in work we enjoy. Some of us just get a job to make money and pay bills...but how rewarding and satisfying do you feel in that job?

Physical: This is the need to keep your body moving, eat nutritious foods and get the proper amount of sleep. I feel this area is the most neglected but one of the most important.

Social: Do you have a community, a connection to others, a support system? Some people pride themselves on being a loner, or not NEEDING anybody. It’s so important to be connected to others that are positive and uplifting.

Spiritual: Do you have a sense of purpose and meaning in life? Are you rooted and grounded in any spiritual principles?

I hope you take some time to explore these 8 dimensions of wellness and use this as an eye opener to expand the areas you need to improve in your life. For an individual outlook on your personal wellness download my free wellness quiz here: https://mailchi.mp/0cab2e520e08/wellness