Why Are You Starting A Blog?

I’ve toyed with the idea of writing a blog for some time now, mostly after opening my private practice in February 2018. This blog was established due to several of my clients over the years asking me personal questions about my life. As well as therapist colleagues expressing feeling that they have to be “fake” in order for their clients to trust them (who would come to me for therapy if they knew I didn't have it all together?). This blog is intended to serve a triple purpose. To be used as therapy for me (yes therapist need therapy too), to provide a community and connection between other therapist, and to show those in therapy that their therapist have lives and feelings too. This blog offers a place for other therapist to explore topics that are significant in our lives that we sometimes keep to ourselves and that our clients have no idea what we experience. While this is geared to be a space for therapist this will also serve as a good resource for clients who often wonder, “What issues does my therapist have?”. Most of the time I find that clients feel their therapist live this dynamic, calm, well balanced life and show up for appointments as a super healing life changing agent...NOT! You will soon find that you and your therapist share a lot more in common than you were aware.  

Thanks for taking the time to read this intro blog. Are you a busy therapist juggling a lot of responsibilities and looking for a place to be your authentic self? Are you a client actively in therapy waiting to hear the juicy life stories of your therapist? Whatever has brought you, I’m glad you’re here! 

Leave a comment below and share what has lead you to this blog and what you are hoping to digest.