One HECK of a year!

Yesterday, I made a post about this being the birthday/anniversary of being in private practice. CORE Empowerment, LLC was actually birthed in December of 2015 but came to life (as I like to call it) March of 2018. I established the business but was working as a contract therapist for a few years. I always knew I wanted to have my own practice but the fear of inconsistency and the unknown held me back. “I have no clue of how to run a business!”, “Where will I get clients from?”, “How will I manage my money not getting paid bi-weekly?”, “How will my bills get paid if clients decide not to show for their appointments?”. All of these messages of self doubt clouded my mind for literally three years. For three years, I sat in jobs that I was not happy at. Money was being made and bills were getting paid, but I was not happy. I was a new wife and mother spending countless amounts of time away from my family. One day I knew I had to make a change. I didn't know how, I didn’t know when...I just knew I needed to do something, and fast before I lost my mind.

I made a decision in January 2018 that I was leaving my job as a Clinical Director. I created an entire vision board around this goal and fed myself positive messages each day. I was at the height of my career at a very young age making “BOOCOO” money! But honestly, money could not buy me happiness or give me back the time with my family. On January 1st, I began shopping for office space, hired a private practice coach for one on one coaching and by March 1st 2018 I put in my 30 day notice at my job. I kid you not, by April 1st 2018 my practice was full to capacity and since then we’ve had an ongoing waiting list.

I initially had no desire to ever formulate a group practice. Being an introvert, I truly enjoyed working alone. But, the community in which I serve showed me that there is a need. A need that I could not serve alone. I needed to bring on team members to assist in this mission to serve the community with holistic mental health services. So, stepping out once again on faith into unknown territory I began the steps to formulate a group practice in October 2018. Here we are now March of 2019, one full month as an established group practice of 5 clinicians...with a waiting list!

I share this story to say, never allow self doubt, anxiety, negative self talk, or doubt from others stop you from what you feel your higher power is calling you towards. Trust and believe in the power of manifestations. What you speak will become (both positive and negative). Set clear intentions and speak prosperity into all things you do. We all get nervous about new things/chapters in our life. It’s a natural feeling to experience, but don't allow it to cripple your growth. Even if you are scared still go for it!

If you are a mental health professional, I want to talk to you personally! Comment below or contact me via phone, email, or social media! I want to hear some of your struggles and learn how I can be off assistance.