Credentials   Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (Maryland)  Licensed Professional Counselor (Washington, DC)  National Certified Counselor  Reiki Master


Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (Maryland)

Licensed Professional Counselor (Washington, DC)

National Certified Counselor

Reiki Master

Kierrah Flipping

I am passionate about working with teens and young adults who are facing challenges and feel they have no one to support their emotions or understand their circumstances. I enjoy helping families create parenting strategies to address the emotional support needed for their child to progress.

I know transitioning from a teenager to becoming an adult can bring forth lots of challenges. Many include anxiety, depression, confusion, and stress just to name a few; especially when you have gone through traumatic experiences recently or as a child that you have not shared with anyone.

I have a compassionate and positive approach that will allow you to feel safe to explore your past and current traumas and to develop strategies to overcome emotional blockage (feeling stuck).

Are you aware of the divorce rate?

If so, then you should understand why I take pride in working with young adult couples who are cohabitating, considering marriage and those who have recently married. Often, partners share with me that they have a hard time communicating with their spouse or feel misunderstood and unsupported. A lasting relationship starts with a strong foundation that I am ready to help you form.

You will find that I am relaxed and easy-going, which allows for a trusting relationship to be formed organically. I'm ready to help you become EMPOWERED! But remember, it starts from within (your CORE). 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Credentials   Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (Maryland)


Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (Maryland)

Lyn Walker

I look forward to helping you manage unpleasant feelings and to help you make positive changes for your life. I will connect with you by building trust and encouraging authentic conversations in a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental environment. I will assist you by exploring new perspectives and designing a plan to meet your desired goals. By choosing counseling, you acknowledge you want change and I am ready to help you transform!

Are uncontrolled feelings running your life?

Emotions are displayed through behavior. With therapy, I can assist in the process of unlearning negative behaviors and developing positive feelings and behaviors. I especially desire teaching this to children by introducing them to tools they can use in their daily life. When working with teenagers, I take great pleasure in empathizing and listening. I provide them support, encouragement, feedback, and tools needed to succeed in the present and future.

There are so many causes for stress in adulthood to include: financial problems, declining health, divorce, death of a loved one, unhealthy relationships, workplace bullying, etc. As an adult the world expects you to remain mature even in these unpleasant situations. I can help you prioritize your goals, and identify what is most important in your life. Living a balance life is work and takes a plan to make it work for you. As your therapist, we can work as a team to see your life transformed through authentic conversations that builds trust.

Credentials   Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor (Maryland)  Professional School Counselor (Maryland)


Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor (Maryland)

Professional School Counselor (Maryland)

Allera Akpan

Often times the hardest part of therapy is taking that first, unknown step. Admitting you need help and then trying to find a therapist who is the right fit for you can be a daunting experience. Whether your problems are minor or major, a new school or job, a changing relationship, or even the drive to set and maintain your goals, it is my job to help you navigate both the unknown and the everyday. Together, we will look at all aspects of your life highlighting and altering areas in need of adjustments. 

I am skillful with working with children, teens and young adults experiencing major life transitions. I also work with school-age youth having difficulties in their home and school environment. I have experience working with depression, anxiety, self-harm, ADHD, anger management, social skills, and self-esteem. 

Learn to navigate this sometimes confusing world with the proper tools and mindset. There is no blueprint for life, but therapy can help bring clarity and relief to the struggles you're facing. So congratulations on taking taking the first step. Let's get to work!

Credentials   Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (Washington, DC)  Licensed Certified Social Worker-Clinical (Maryland)


Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (Washington, DC)

Licensed Certified Social Worker-Clinical (Maryland)

Cleonia Terry

I am a compassionate, experienced and skilled Licensed Clinical Social Worker trained in cognitive behavioral therapy, behavioral modification strategies and solution-focused treatment. As a native Washingtonian, I witnessed the effects of poverty, drugs and violence at a very early age and developed the desire to help those with the most acute needs. My passion to serve is rooted in a spirit of genuine respect for ALL people, regardless of race, background, sexuality, socioeconomic status, etc. 

My goal as a clinician is to equip individuals, couples and families with the necessary skills to overcome personal challenges, develop realistic and attainable goals, and collaboratively work together to integrate these skills for everyday living. I am comfortable working with clients of all backgrounds and diverseness. In addition to therapy, I also provide psych educational groups. My areas of expertise include: Depression, Anxiety, Low Self-Esteem, Trauma, HIV/AIDS, LGBT Issues, Parent-Child Conflict, Anger Management, Legal Issues, Addictions, Marital Conflict and Grief and Loss.

Credentials   Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor (Maryland)  Professional School Counselor (Maryland)


Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor (Maryland)

Professional School Counselor (Maryland)

Lia Jones

I am ready to support youth, teenagers, individual adults, couples, and families on your journey of healing, growth, and the overall navigation of life. Parents, let me support you and your child with developing healthy coping skills for home and/or school conflict, self-esteem, anger, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and more. I can also assist with processing the struggles of being a teenager while gaining understanding of self, finding your way through daily life, future, and relationships.
Adults can feel supported with work-life balance, stress, being overwhelmed, grief, relationships, parenting and more. As your Therapist, I will partner with you to heal past and/or current trauma that may be preventing growth in your present.
Understanding what each individual needs, I am dedicated to helping families function whether in the same or more than one home, because working with the family unit to mend environmental stressors is beneficial for family strengthening and child development. 
Together I want to partner with couples to help with communication, understanding, and assist with navigating through daily life and future planning. Singles, I understand the stress of adulting on your own and what it looks like managing your mental and physical health, all while building your wealth. 
Try taking a breath, and time out for yourself. “You can’t pour from an empty cup” is the saying, so let me support you on your journey to refuel.

Credentials   Licensed Clinical Marriage & Family Therapist (Maryland)


Licensed Clinical Marriage & Family Therapist (Maryland)

Abby Garcia-Garwicki

Becoming whole mind, body, spirit:
When humans experience significant life stressors; it is not uncommon to find yourself struggling to deal with present day experiences. My passion is to help you in finding a healthy view of self and develop effective ways of coping with daily life while strengthening your relationships; personal and professional, so that you can reach a sense of peace and completeness of self. Because of this I use an eclectic and holistic form of therapy ranging from family based modalities to CBT, DBT, and EFT (tapping) in order to create balance and acceptance to work with you in reaching your goals. 

Moving from teenager, to young adult, to working professional, WHEW!:
Life transitions can be overwhelming and sometimes it can feel like you are alone in what is happening to you or in your life. It can also feel like there is no one who could understand or even help you in finding completeness of self. A lot of the time this happens from large or small traumas that have happened in your life that create a blockage in letting your reach your full human potential. Allow me to provide a space that is full of compassion and understanding so that you can explore the past and focus on your future.

Relationships can be hard and complicated:
When it comes to relationships of any kind I have found that communication and understanding each other’s love language is the key to building a strong foundation and learning how to show one another love and understanding as we work towards navigating and strengthening marriage, family, and professional relationships. 

As we work together you will find that I am an open, laid back person that allows you to move at your pace while building a trusting relationship that allows you to feel like you have someone who gives you the freedom to work through the past and focus on the future in a safe and comfortable