Credentials   Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (Maryland)  Licensed Professional Counselor (Washington, DC)  National Certified Counselor  Reiki Master


Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (Maryland)

Licensed Professional Counselor (Washington, DC)

National Certified Counselor

Reiki Master

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Services Offered:

  • Reiki

  • Clinical Supervision

  • Pick My Brain (ask me ANYTHING!)

  • Speaking Engagements/Workshops/Events

  • Consultations

Founder & CEO

Kierrah Flipping

Kierrah has been working in the field of mental health for over eight years. She has taken the mental health field by storm with incorporating the practice of Reiki and other holistic treatment modalities into her work with clients. After a short time in practicing Reiki she soon discovered the healing benefits Reiki can have on those suffering from mental health issues and quickly incorporated Reiki into her practice. Kierrah has been helping the clients at CORE Empowerment, LLC become “un-stuck”, uncover the root cause of their mental and physical illnesses, and gain balance and clarity in their life. 

Since introducing Reiki to clients in her mental health practice Kierrah has been able to see her clients prosper therapeutically. Being one of the few mental health practices in the DMV area offering holistic forms of treatment CORE Empowerment, LLC has grown rapidly. Transitioning from a single practitioner practice to a group practice in under a year. 

Kierrah is passionate about working with teens and young adults who are facing challenges and feel they have no one to support their emotions or understand their circumstances. She often finds that clients that are in a state of transition are attracted to her therapeutic style as she is able to foster self esteem building, support and resilience. She also has a passion for working with young couples that are recently married, considering marriage and/or cohabitating.  

Kierrah is an advocate for mental health and has created a YouTube channel for CORE Empowerment,LLC that brings awareness to mental health and helps break the stigma. She is dedicated to helping clients heal on an energetic level and is the creator of the “Empower Me” jewelry line designed to help customers receive balance through crystal healing. She is a mental health blogger that dishes on topics that bridge practitioners and clients together. Kierrah has supervised the clinical practice of graduate level clinicians and is often consulted by other mental health professionals on how to implement holistic methods into their practice, how to grow their clientele, and purchase commercial real estate. Kierrah was featured on the Perfected Practice Telesummit for mental health entrepreneurs discussing her journey incorporating Reiki into the private practice. She was also an invited panel speaker for Black Girl Balanced presented The Powerscope where she gave feedback to several black females looking to be enlightened on wellness and growth.